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S.D. tribes gather to talk about ensuring water rights

By: Scott Feldman, July 29, 2014, Argus Leader RAPID CITY – More than 100 years ago, a treaty established that all water on Native American land or that naturally flowed to Native American land was to be held by the sovereign tribes. But tribal governments say they still are fighting to make sure their water […]

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August 6, 2014 Tulalip See-Yaht-Sub

Click on the link below to download the August 6, 2014 Tulalip See-Yaht-Sub Issue Download August 6, 2014 issue    

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86 family members disenrolled from Oregon tribe

By: Associated Press   PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – An Oregon woman says 86 members of her family have been disenrolled from an American Indian tribe that operates the state’s largest tribal casino, as leaders review the tribe’s rolls and enforce new membership requirements. Family spokeswoman Mia Prickett said she’s shocked about being stripped of membership […]

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At this year’s big climate rally, most of the people won’t be pale, male, and stale

By Ben Adler, Grist More than 500 organizations are planning a historic event for Sept. 21 in New York City, what they say will be the largest rally for climate action ever. Organizers and ralliers will be calling on world leaders to craft a new international climate treaty, two days before those leaders will convene […]

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Record attendance at annual health fair

Wait lines for health screens and denials at the blood bus   By Andrew Gobin, Tulalip News The Tulalip Karen I. Fryberg Health Clinic hosted their annual health fair July 28, with participants lining up at health screening stations, a fair first in 31 years,. “I think this is the biggest health fair that we’ve […]

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Victims of Brutal Joy Killing Had Come Looking for Work

Alysa Landry, 7/30/14, Indian Country Today   The two Navajo men murdered July 19 in Albuquerque were homeless only when they were in the city. Kee Thompson and Allison Gorman, who were beaten to death with cinder blocks while they slept on a mattress in an open field, had homes on the Navajo Nation, said […]

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Tulalip Hosts National Night Out, Aug 5

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For Rare Languages, Social Media Provide New Hope

  by Lydia Emmanouilidou, NPR   At a time when social media users, , are trading in fully formed words for abbreviations (“defs” instead of “definitely”), it may seem that some languages are under threat of deterioration — literally. But social media may actually be beneficial for languages. Of the estimated that are spoken around […]

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After burglary, lawmaker pushes for power to ping

By Eric Stevick, The Herald   TULALIP — A burglary at his home earlier this month has strengthened a state lawmaker’s resolve to let police more quickly track cellphone signals to catch crooks and look for people whose lives might be in danger. Sen. John McCoy got a firsthand demonstration of how the power of […]

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Black and Blue, the Kangen craze

Water that truly unlocks health, or the latest cure all snake oil?   By Andrew Gobin, Tulalip News You may have seen the blue and black Enagic water jugs people are packing around these days. You’ve probably heard about Kangen water, and if you yourself are not a Kangen user, you’ve probably wondered what exactly […]

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