Local orthodontist buys back Halloween candy

MARYSVILLE — Area orthodontist Dr. Jason Bourne is bringing back his Halloween candy buy-back program for the 10th year, starting on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Bourne will pay $4 for each pound of Halloween treats surrendered in his office, in Suite 3 at 815 State Ave. in Marysville, with $2 going to the trick-or-treating child, and the other $2 donated to the local Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA.

Last year, Bourne Orthodontics collected more than 1,300 pounds of Halloween candy, allowing them to donate more than $2,600.

The donated candy itself is sent to American military members serving overseas, local homeless shelters and humanitarian groups for trips to Africa.

Since its inception, the Bourne Orthodontics Halloween candy buy-back has donated almost $15,000 and 7,900 pounds of candy.

“We love this program, because the kids still get to have fun trick-or-treating, plus they get money and save their teeth,” Bourne said. “Then we can give back to our community and the troops. It’s a lot of fun.”

Halloween candy can contribute to tooth decay, and some candy can even damage orthodontic patients’ braces, so Bourne began buying back Halloween candy to help kids avoid injury to their braces and teeth.

Bourne explained that some candies are permissible for orthodontic patients, including plain chocolate and soft, chocolate-covered peanut butter cups. However, he cautions patients to brush and floss thoroughly after indulging in any treats with a high sugar content.

According to Bourne, the days immediately following Halloween are usually an orthodontist’s busiest time of year for emergency calls, so he hopes that his candy buy-back program will cut down on orthodontic emergencies and tooth decay, and help children, especially those wearing braces, enjoy the holiday.

Bourne Orthodontics in Marysville will accept children’s Halloween candy during normal business hours on Nov. 5, 7, 11 and 13. There is a limit of 25 pounds per person with this offer. For more information, call 360-659-0211 or log onto www.bourneorthodontics.com.