Snoqualmie Tribe Food Bank to close


CARNATION, WA. – Inside the Snoqualmie Tribe Food Bank in Carnation, volunteer Fred Vosk said it is an all you can eat place where all are welcome.

Becky Fredrickson volunteers at the food bank too, and added that they do not ask a lot of questions.

“We don’t say show us what you make. They are here. They need food. We have food. We help them,” said Fredrickson.

But in a matter of days they will shut the doors.

“It breaks my heart because there’s many people who need extra food. I see a lot of children in here,” said Fredrickson. “It hurts.”

“We are open Christmas Eve and then that’s it,” said Vosk.

The Snoqualmie Tribe, which sponsors the food bank, decided it was time to close.

Jaime Martin, the Communications and Public Relations Officer for the Snoqualmie Tribe, emailed the following statement:

“The Snoqualmie Tribe is always looking to become more efficient and because of that the Snoqualmie Tribal Council has made their decision to close the Snoqualmie Tribe Food Bank. The tribe was going to close the Food Bank in September but they decided to keep it open through the holidays. The Tribe has donated more than $3.5 million to Puget Sound nonprofits, including multiple food banks, and will continue to do so.”

Vosk said the Snoqualmie Tribe has kept the food bank going for 38 years.

“They backed us so nicely,” said Vosk.

Now food bank volunteers hope to work with the city of Carnation. If they can get a new building to operate out of and a truck, they will try to reopen.