US Senate to Vote on Healthcare Bill this week


US Senate to Vote on Healthcare Bill this week – Make your Voice Heard!

The US Senate is considering its healthcare plan that will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and will greatly impact health services to Tribal Nations, especially the proposed cuts to Medicaid. The Congressional Budget Office announced last week that the latest version of the Senate bill would cause 22 million people to lose their health insurance.
After two cancelled votes, the Senate is expected to vote this week on its health bill. The Republicans needs 50 votes to pass the measure and hold 52 seats in the Senate. Each vote is critically important. NCAI, NIHB, NICUI and SGCE sent a letterto Leader McConnell on the effects of the proposed bill in Indian Country. Last week NCAI, NIHB sent a letter to Senate Leadership on our opposition to proposed changes to FMAP.
Call your Senators!
It is critically important that Indian Country’s voice is heard during the Healthcare Debate. You can find you Senator’s phone number by clicking here.
All Tribes should call their Senators; especially Tribal Citizens in states where Republican senators have expressed concern on how any repeal effort will impact Tribal Nations including: Nevada, Alaska, Maine, Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Colorado.  
Your Key Messages
  • The Federal Government has trust responsibility to provide health care to American Indians and Alaska Natives  
  • I want my Senator to protect the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHICIA) in any legislation or repeal effort
  • Medicaid cuts will have significant negative impacts to Indian Country. For over 40 years, Congress has recognized Medicaid as a means to help fulfill the trust responsibility for health to Indian Country and today represents about 13% of total IHS spending. This means, that cuts to the Medicaid program, are really cuts to IHS.