Get prepared for winter

It’s November! The Tulalip Tribal Housing Department would like to help our tribal families be prepared for a cold winter.

  • First, to prevent freezing pipes, remove your hoses from the spigot outside. By allowing air to get into the pipes, the likelihood of freezing is minimal. The Maintenance Grounds Staff will be out in the next 3-4 weeks covering TTHD homes exterior spigots with Styrofoam covers. This will also help to prevent freezing.
  • Take your swimming pool down and store it.
  • Do you need new batteries in your smoke alarms? Remember that a missing or malfunctioning smoke alarm is an auto fail for your annual inspection. If you live in one of TTHD houses, and you are not able to change the battery yourself, please contact the maintenance department to change the battery for you. This takes a small effort and it could Save A Life!
  • Do not use the crawl space under your home for storage. This is not a safe or dry space. The purpose of a crawlspace is to give staff access to make repairs or replacements to your home.

We all want a safe and happy holiday season.