Seattle Based ANAE exhibits energy technologies at Dubai Exhibition

Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC Press Release

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Seattle, Washington – The USA Regional Trade Center Exhibition officially opened today in Dubai, UAE and Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC (“ANAE”), a 100% Native American owned enterprise, was among the showcased exhibitors.

The USA Regional Trade Center, endorsed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade, facilitates and encourages trade and commerce between U.S. Businesses and the MENA Regional Market encompassing the Middle East and North Africa.  USARTC levels the play field and lowers the barriers to U.S. Company entry into the MENA Regional Market.

In 2009, ANAE began directing its business development attention toward green energy technologies and assembled a collection of elite technologies from around the world.  This collection came to the attention of the USARTC and two months ago, they extended an invitation to ANAE to exhibit several of its energy related technologies and business initiatives at the Dubai Trade and Commerce Exhibition.

The innovative technologies and initiatives showcased by ANAE include SACHEM Hi-Energy Wood Pellets, a substitute for thermal coal; AIRE-FOILTM vertical-axis wind turbines; ECO-LOGICTM LED smart lighting systems; FARM-OF-THE-FUTURETM hydroponic food-crop cultivation systems; and CASTAGRATM industrial coatings for protection against corrosion in the oil and gas industries as well as other energy related technologies. 

ANAE aligns itself with world-class inventors and mechanical and electrical engineers to secure and bring revolutionary technologies to the United States.  All of the exhibited technologies have been commercialized and have years of field-proven success. They have been developed within the United States as well as elsewhere in the world.  Sachem Energy SolutionsTM, an operating division of ANAE, is responsible for advancing technologies commercialized outside of the United States. 

“We are very honored the USA Regional Trade Center invited us to participate in this prestigious event.”  “We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to showcase and advance Indian Country participation in the world’s green energy revolution.” stated Jim Alekson, CEO of Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC. 

“We are pleased to have ANAE participate in our Trade and Commerce Exhibition and represent business development opportunities in Indian Country.”  “Innovative technologies advanced by ANAE and its Native American Partners represent a real step toward reducing the world’s dependency on fossil fuels to meet its ever increasing energy needs.” comments Kim Childs, Vice President of USA Regional Trade Center

Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC

Alekson Native American Enterprises LLC and its Sachem Family of Companies are 100%  Native American owned by Members of the Citizen Band of the Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma and their Native American Partners.  ANAE is steadfastly devoted to advancing initiatives that bring about economic diversification for Native American Communities across the United States.  Our mission is to advance innovative technologies and initiatives that create jobs, encourage entrepreneurship and advance 21st Century educational and job training opportunities in Native American Communities. For additional information visit: and  ANAE is also on Twitter.

USA Regional Trade Center

USA Regional Trade Center facilitates and encourages trade and commerce between U.S. Businesses and the MENA Regional Market encompassing the Middle East and North Africa.  USARTC provides U.S. Companies, educational institutions, individuals, federal and state agencies, trade groups, professional associations, think tanks and legal, accounting and banking institutions with an integrated business platform for exploration of trade opportunities and facilitation of U.S. exports to the MENA Regional Market. For additional information visit: