Makah Tribe plans golf course, new cabins

Source: Round House Talk News

PORT ANGELES — The Makah tribe continues to add economic development in Neah Bay and is working on a nine-hole golf course to increase tourism and recreational opportunities.

New activities and more accommodations for visitors is a large part of the tribe’s current focus, Mike Rainey, enterprise business manager for the Makah tribal government, told an audience of about 40 at a Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce luncheon Monday at the Red Lion Hotel.

A parcel has been set aside on the Makah reservation to build a nine-hole recreational golf course in Neah Bay for the use of residents and for visiting fishermen who would welcome an alternate activity, Rainey said.

However, he said, there is no new activity on a previously discussed concept to build a zip-line park on Makah lands.

“There are a lot of people talking about it and no one doing it,” he said.

Currently, the tribe’s 2013 budget expects $7.2 million income from its resort, cabin and camping offerings, marina, restaurant and mini-mart, he said.

Rainey said that additional guest cabins are being built with more planned to accommodate an expected increase in visitors.

The tribe had a choice of importing prefabricated cabins or building them on site, he said.