It’s Here! A Guide to 2013 Santa Fe Indian Market by Alex Jacobs

By Alex Jacobs, Indian Country Today Media Network

What’s cool this year at Santa Fe’s 92nd Indian Market? Everything! Most of what’s cool is under the hot tents of over 1000 Native Artists who Occupy The Plaza for this weekend’s festivities. But you can cruise, walk, bike, skate, run, take a bus and drive to other events around Santa Fe.

Over the last few years, now that the Institute of American Indian Arts and its downtown MoCNA  is partnering with SWAIA, this area one block east of the main Market on the Plaza, between the Museum and Cathedral Park, has seen some very cool events occur. Live hawks and raptors, poets, films, fashion displays, skateboarders, hip hop DJs and graffiti artists, live paintings. Last year it was all the young dudes and their skateboards. This year the old dogs howl at the moon as a 10×20 tent inside Cathedral Park will house a guerilla installation by two known art perpetrators who collaborate as “Joe-Bob”.

Over the last few years due to very tight space (and a tight economy), which creates politics between SWAIA and the City, it seems to me that a back-and-forth has occurred between Old Generation and New Generation artists, with one side winning a concession only to be balanced by the other side the next year. I am happy to say that the new SWAIA crew has inherited a calm structure, mostly happy artists, a city that has learned how to deal with most issues, and an economy that is slowly turning around one year after an election.

Check out the new SWAIA T-Shirt, a very cool modern design by Ehren Kee Natay.

POEH Cultural Center & Museum at Pojoaque Pueblo has a Patricia Michaels opening, a Live Draw Session by Rose B. Simpson, The Continuous Path exhibit at Poeh by clay artist Roxanne Swentzell and murals by Marcellus Medina, plus weekly art & craft sales and classes.

From Monday through Wednesday, Metis Artist Dylan Miner, well known for his custom Native-themed bicycles, held a three-day workshop for kids aged 13-17 at POEH titled “Native Kids Ride Bikes – Anishnaabensag Biimskowebshigewag,” and produced hand-made/assembled bicycles by and for Native kids that will be seen at SFAI and at select museums and galleries around town.

Museum of Contemporary Native Art features several exhibits: STEREOTYPE – Misconceptions of the Native American: works by Cannupa Hanska Luger, a performance artist of mixed Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Lakota heritage, this consists of actual “stereo” ceramic beat-boxes adorned with the usual mis-appropriated, re-appropriated, misused, overused, mis-labelled Indian symbols, icons, cliches and absurdities. CHANGING HANDS 3: Art Without Reservations – Art from Northeast and Southeast Native Artists touring in an exhibit from the Museum of Art & Design NYC; and the new Paul Frank Native Designs.

IAIA Student Art Work at Warehouse 21, Fri. Aug 16. Patricia Michaels in Studio at Legends Santa Fe, Aug 14 & 16, with opening reception Sat. Aug 17. During the week at MIAC on Museum Hill, Walter Echo Hawk, Suzan Shown Harjo, Native Women Ledger Artists, Native Cinema, and all weekend the Southern Red Drum Group.


Free music on the Plaza Bandstand Wed. Aug 14 with Indigie Femme and Robert Mirabal. Native Bands play around town all week, but typical Santa Fe — we’ve lost a few clubs and gained none, so it’ll probably the usual suspects at Evangelo’s, El Farol, El Paseo, for sure Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers and The Mud Ponies will play at THE COWGIRL during Market. Native Peoples Magazine & Indian Market Launch Party at the Hilton Hotel downtown, with DJs, music, dancing, friends, food and drinks, Thursday.

Will Wilson, Dine photographer will again set up his portrait studio and CPIX project in the East Sculpture Garden of NM Museum of Art on Palace Ave, Aug 17-18. SWAIA will have their photo booth Sunday in Cathedral Park.

NATIVE VANGUARD – Contemporary Masters, George Morrison, Bunky Echo Hawk, Edgar Heap of Birds, M. Scott Momaday, opening reception at Zane Bennett Gallery in the Railyard District, Thursday 15 from 5-7pm and before on Wednesday 14 at Zane Bennett there will be panel discussions with MoCNA director Patsy Phillips leading talks on “Breaking Thru The Buckskin Curtain” with Anita Fields and Roxanne Swentzell from 1-3pm, then “Master of Contemporary Film” with Frank Buffalo Hyde, Jill Momaday and Norman Patrick Brown 3-5pm.

MY LAND! at Winterowd Fine Art Gallery on Canyon Rd, a dozen heavy Native artists have an intimate meet & greet, poetry & talks on Thursday 1-3, then party at the reception on Friday 6-8; also a reception for the San Felipe Seven potters Thursday 5pm at LaFonda; other openings at Blue Rain, Chiaroscuro, Steve Elmore Indian Art, Shiprock Gallery and so many more.

Saturday of Market will be happening with a new SWAIA Hip Hop Fashion Show; support the Patricia Michaels in New York Fund Raising event at The Palace Restaurant from 6-10pm; ZOMBIE NIGHT in the Railyard, Saturday night, The Dead Can’t Dance, as part of NATIVE CINEMA SHOWCASE.

Too much party? Get healthy with the Wings of America 5K fun run/walk at Santa Fe Indian School, Sun Aug 18, 8/9am starts. Or relax inside where’s its cool and dark, Santa Fe resident George RR Martin bought the old Jean Cocteau Theatre in the Railyard, it’s all made new and ready to watch classic movies. Finally, stop by my booth as everyone passes by here on the corner of San Francisco St (#321 FR-S) and Old Santa Fe Trail right in front of the LaFonda Hotel.

Alex Jacobs, Mohawk, is a visual artist and poet living in Santa Fe.