Seeking Safety Drop In Group

Family Services offers Seeking Safety as a Drop-In Group twice a week. 
All are welcome to attend.
Seeking Safety covers a range of important topics and safe coping skills, such as:
·         PTSD: Taking back your power
·         Grounding
·         When substances control you
·         Asking for help
·         Taking good care of yourself
·         Compassion
·         Honesty
·         Red and green flags
·         Recovery thinking
·         Commitment
·         Setting boundaries in relationships
·         Getting others to support your recovery
·         Coping with triggers
·         Healthy relationships
·         Self-nurturing
·         Healing from anger
·         And other topics
Join us on Mondays 3pm-4pm and Thursdays Noon-1pm.
Contact: Rosemary Hill: 360-716-4336 or Jeremy Franklin: 360-716-4377
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