Canoes return to the water

Canoe Practice

Article and photos by Andrew Gobin

The weather is heating up, the water is calming, and the canoes are back out on the water. On April 30 at the canoe shed near the Tulalip Veterans Office, families and friends from the Tulalip community gathered to wash the canoes, getting them ready for the year’s activities, including Salmon Ceremony and the annual Canoe Journey. On May 7, the first canoes hit the water, kicking off weekly canoe practice.

Every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. one of the three Tulalip canoes will be at the marina, waiting to be paddled around the bay. Whether you are a returning, seasoned canoe puller or are just starting out, besure to get there and get on a crew.

As practices progress and pullers get stronger, the practice route will venture outside of the bay. Sometimes the canoes will make a spontaneous stop and have an afternoon at the beach, with hotdogs and marshmallows if you bring them. Even if you don’t plan on going on the canoe journey, it is a good chance to get on the water.

Canoe Practice Canoe Practice Canoe Practice



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