Announcing the Release of the Alaskan Tribal Nations Map

By:  Aaron Carapella

July 11, 201 .Warner, Oklahoma (within Cherokee Nation jurisdiction), Alaskan Tribal Nations Map Released

I officially announce the release of this unique, newly-copy-written Alaskan Tribal Map. It is a continuation in my Tribal Nations Map series, using-as in its predecessors-original autonyms that Tribes have called themselves historically. It also goes beyond listing “linguistic groups”, and shows the names of each individual Native Nation that has called Alaska home for millennia. Research for this map involved speaking to dozens of Cultural Directors, museums Directors, Tribal leaders, researching books by Natives and non-Natives, etc. If you are interested in doing an interview about this map, please find my contact information below.


My maps were also recently featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered”:


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