Native American Illusion Magic Show: Cherokee Secrets

Cherokee-Secrets-Illusion-Magic-Show Everett

Northwest Magician Launches his Illusion Magic Show

Sunday, 2:00 p.m. April 19 (Everett Civic Auditorium)

Press Release, Frank Dunn

Frank Dunn Magician is not your ordinary magician.  Master Magician Frank Dunn has been performing magic ever since he got inspired as a child in the 1970’s with a magic set.  Eight years ago he added his first illusion show to his stage magic, incorporating elements of his Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian heritage. He is an enrolled member of the Cherokee tribe. Frank also worked three years for the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, supporting art for Native Americans nationally.  While there, he got inspired by the arts of music, dance, theater, and, of course, traditional Native American artwork.  “This particular illusion magic show I started with the story,” said Frank.  “I wrote a Native American story about contemporary issues of being a Native American today in the 21st century, while pulling on some great historical stories of the Cherokee, like the story of good wolf verses bad wolf – whichever wolf you feed is the wolf that will win in the end.  After I had a good story, I brought in the art of drums, totem poles, bow and arrows, pottery, and dance. Lastly, I added the illusions and magic that brought the story to life.”

“One of my goals was to create a show that almost anyone could connect with, even people with hearing loss or vision impairment. I am also very pleased to have helped a high school student, Jeff Lunde, with his senior project, called Magic. Jeff has been helping me build illusions, and I have been teaching him the art of magic.”

“I recently realized that the gift of magic I have been given has allowed me to break through to people of many cultures, from being invited to the East Indian Vedic Cultural Center to share magic and nan with them, to being invited into the Jewish, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, many Native American tribal communities, as well as into the deaf community. I’ve seen magic delight people from so many cultures – and from ages 3 to 92! ”

Frank Dunn is, indeed, an uncommon and original magician.

Tickets for the Cherokee Secrets shows can be purchased online at:, or at the door.

More information: Frank Dunn 1-800-890-4188


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