Tulalip Little League Registration is Open

Parents of Tulalip,

As you might have heard, District 1 Little League is excited to have Tulalip Little League as our new league. This brings District 1 to fourteen leagues which is one of the largest Districts in the State of Washington.

With that, we understand there might be some questions as to what options your child has with regards to Little League participation. Players who live in Tulalip Little League boundaries are obligated to play with the new league.

Players do not have a choice to play with another league unless they meet one of the following criteria:

Residential Waiver.  Players may apply for a residential waiver. Little League has a process by which residential waivers will be granted for regular season only, and does not include participation in All Stars.  The waiver must include a hardship reason and must be approved by the Little League Charter Committee.

School Waiver.  Players can play within a league in which their regular school resides. Your league can supply you with this form which is required for participation in another league.

Combined Team.  In the event Tulalip Little League does not have enough players to form a team, the Tulalip Little League Player Agent will work with District 1 to identify another league where the combination of players can create a full team.  In this situation, your player must be regsitered with Tulalip Little League, your home league.

I want to welcome you to District 1 Little League as we share the excitement of our new league. Marlin Fryberg Jr, Tulalip Little League President has done an outstanding job navigating through the Little League chartering process.  You are very fortunate to have Marlin and the Board of Directors he has brought in as a volunteer leadership group.

To register your player for Tulalip Little League, or to learn more about the league, visit the Tulalip Little League website today at www.tulalipll.org.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at edlundberg@comcast.net or Marlin Fryberg at Marlin@tulalipll.org.