ELA students honor moms, with muffins!

I am like a flower that is raised

with love by you,

like a flower that is watered each day.

You help me grow, stand tall

You nurture and shape me until

I am big and strong.

One day, I will be grown and 

my hand will

be as big as yours

thank you for all you do,

I sure love you.


By Kalvin Valdillez

Students of the Betty J. Taylor Early Learning Academy (ELA) celebrated their moms, aunties and grandmas this year with a special afternoon to kick-off Mother’s Day Weekend. Moms and Muffins is an annual event that provides an opportunity for children of the academy to honor their mothers while enjoying delicious snacks.


The May 11 event, held at the former Tulalip elementary gym, had a springtime theme. Mothers and students were treated to their choice of blueberry, double chocolate or red velvet muffins as well as a variety of fruit-infused waters. Numerous mothers were honored during the two-hour event.

Laughter, accompanied by chocolate-filled smiles, were shared amongst students and mothers alike. After enjoying baked goods with their mothers and the last muffin top crumb was consumed, the students visited the photo booth to capture a memory with their favorite ladies.

The event also included an arts and crafts project in which both mothers and kids participated. ELA provided a poem (see right) in which the growth of a flower is used as a metaphor to describe the bond between a mother and child. The poem also contained a photo of two flower stems, one large and one small, yet empty spaces stood on top of the flower stems. Mothers and students stamped their hands and these handprints served as the flowers from the poem.

Moms and Muffins continues to provide a fun (and tasty) opportunity for kids to spend quality time with the most important and influential women of their young lives.