Two (2) Election Comittee Openings

Please submit your letter of interest by January 6, 2020 at Noon to the Board of Directors Staff. Please submit either by a physical document or by email to: (this is the only acceptable email for your request).

For questions regarding the term and duties, please contact Rosalie Topaum, Election Chairwoman

Qualifications:  Must be a Tulalip Tribal Member over the age of 18. We meet twice a month, during an election we meet weekly.  This position may require time away from your job bi annually. Lifetime appointment

Duties include:

  • Administer and conduct elections within the Tulalip Tribes boundaries in a manner that will ensure fair and honest elections.
  • Creating and distributing notice for the General Council Election(s);
  • Publicly posting and distributing the list of qualified candidates for upcoming Elections; 
  • Recordation of petitioners, absentee ballots, election results, and related documents;
  • Ensure that elections are conducted fairly and are within the requirements of the Constitution and by-laws; 
  • Safekeeping of Election documentation, materials and results; 
  • Working closely with various Tribal departments or entities 
  • Being impartial and unbiased
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Facilitate filling of vacant Commission positions in accordance with applicable law