Message from the Tulalip pharmacy

Dear Tulalip Clinical Pharmacy customers: Several patients expressed concerns about medication shortage due to supply chain issue in China (China supplies a significant amount of drug ingredients to the world).  I want to assure you that we are currently very well stocked on most medications.  It’s our standard operating practice to overstock pharmacy at the beginning of the year , partly to take advantage of volume discount and partly to protect us from situation like this.   I have no doubt we will be able to provide uninterrupted pharmacy service beyond this challenging situation.  

To reduce the chance of COVID-19 transmission at the pharmacy and to ensure safety for everyone, we have implemented the following precautionary measures:

  •  Clean and sanitize all work surface at least once an hour
  • Staff will wear masks and gloves during work hours until further notice
  •  Staff in different departments will communicate primarily via phone, Skype and email.
  • Sick patients are encouraged to wear masks inside pharmacy
  •  Fill 90-days supply of maintenance medications whenever possible.   
  • Delivery driver will check on elders to ensure they have all necessary supplies and report any issues immediately to pharmacy management and elder care program. 

What you can do to help: 

  • Wear masks at the pharmacy if you are sick (coughing, sneezing, or having a fever)
  • Consider ordering 90-days supply of your maintenance medications.  please do keep in mind our bigger workload as more patients want 90-days supply of their medications. 
  • Arrange pick up for elders so they don’t have to worry about getting out. 
  • For Medbox patients, we assure you your delivery will be on time every month just as they have always been for the last six years because on-time delivery is one of our highest priority and we do have plenty of your maintenance medications in stock right now. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or my staff if you have any concerns.  We will do our very best to accommodate your prescriptions needs. 

Kelvin Lee