Enrollment and Trust Information


  • Tribal ID Requests – forms can be emailed, or mailed. If needed ASAP, we can schedule a pickup time.
  • Address changes email with name, tribal ID number, DOB or write out and take a picture and attach the form.

Enrollment for New Members 

The Enrollment Committee meets once before the next Board meeting. All documents must be submitted by June 1 for the June 3 meeting. 

  • Email Rosie for an application, and if you have any questions.

Trust Distribution 

The form is on the website: https://www.tulaliptribes-nsn.gov/Dept/Enrollment

* For your first-time distribution, you must complete a financial class. The class is available online at https://www.tulaliptribes-nsn.gov/Dept/Enrollment Scroll down to Youth with Accounts and click on Financial Class.

* Direct Deposit is the ONLY option to receive your funds, and we need proof of a bank account for all requests.

  • * NEW DRAW FOR COVID19 EXPENSES –We now have a draw available up to $10,0000 on accounts if you are already getting distributions. This is a one-time distribution until Dec 31, 2020. You must have already received at least one distribution of the four; you must have a high school diploma/GED or be over 22. This will not take place or disrupt your yearly release.
  • Investment Trust – On May 1, the Board returned the minor’s trust back to balanced portfolios as they were before March. If you were already conservative it will stay that way. If you want to keep conservative YOU MUST FILL OUT THE INVESTMENT FORM. You will have until June 30. The next time you can update it will be February 2021. Request and Investment Education form is being mailed out and will also be on the website, https://www.tulaliptribes-nsn.gov/Dept/Enrollment 

Rosie’s notary is expired. Please ensure any paperwork that requires a notary is complete before submitting it. Rosie is the only one in the office. Please be patient. It may take a little longer than usual. 

Please stay safe and healthy!

Rosalie Topaum, Enrollment Director


360-716-4298 or 360-716-4300