Fire Precautions due to Excessive Heat

Nick Johnson, Forestry Program Manager

The Tulalip Tribes would like you to be aware that the current weather forecast for the next 10 days is for no rain and temperatures possibly getting into the 100s this weekend. Although the Tribes have not imposed a complete burn ban all burning permits issued by the Tulalip Tribes are suspended until further notice.  If the weather stays hot and dry a burn ban will be declared by the Tulalip Tribes. 

Please be extremely careful with fireworks, matches, smoking materials, catalytic converters, etc. Recreational campfires may be lighted in approved metal or concrete enclosures in designated areas within campgrounds or on private land with the owner’s permission and which: 

  • Are spread no larger than three (3) feet across;
  • Material being burned is dry 
  • Are located in a clear spot free from vegetation for at least 10 feet in a horizontal direction and having no overhanging branches; and
  • Wind isn’t strong enough to carry embers out of the approved enclosure. 
  • Are attended at all times by an adult with immediate access to a shovel and a charged water hose.

This Burn Ban does not affect ceremonial or cultural fires but they must be attended at all times by an individual with equipment capable of extinguishing the fire.