A hard-fought outing for the Heritage Hawks

By Wade Sheldon, Tulalip News  

Amidst the crisp air of the Cascade Mountains, a dedicated group of Tulalip community members embarked on a lengthy journey to support their beloved football team, the Tulalip Heritage Hawks. Their destination: Concrete High School Stadium on the chilly night of Thursday, October 12th.

This season has been nothing short of a test for the 8-man Iron football team, with a division record of 2-4 and an overall record of 2-5. Their recent victory over the Crescent Loggers had the Hawks brimming with optimism. However, they encountered a formidable challenge when they faced off against the tough Concrete Lions.

The Lions wasted no time setting the tone for the game, racing to a 28-0 lead during the first half. The Hawks grappled with moving the ball downfield, needing help to secure first downs and find themselves in scoring range.

But halftime proved to be a turning point. A motivating pep talk from the coach and a quarterback change breathed new life into the Hawks. With unwavering determination, they took to the field for the second half. Their defense made crucial stops, which allowed them to capitalize on two possessions, culminating in a touchdown and a successful two-point conversion, narrowing the score to 16-28.

However, the day’s standout performance came from Concrete’s quarterback, who seemed unstoppable. His 50-yard touchdown pass and a successful rushing attempt left the Hawks unable to counter. As the game concluded, the scoreboard read Tulalip 16, Concrete 40.

“I think we started slow; it was a rough first quarter; we gave up a couple of touchdowns,” Defensive Coordinator Deyamonta Diaz said. “They had a talented quarterback; we had watched film on him and knew he was good. I told the team if they look fast on film, they are probably faster in person. In the second half, we made a good adjustment, and the guys kicked it in gear, tried to salvage something of it and put a couple of touchdowns on the board. You got to be ready all four quarters, and don’t wait, was our message to the team after the loss.”

Deyamonta continued, “This has been a rebuilding year, and we have had some good things to be proud of. The level of commitment, work ethic, and consistency has risen. The kids are dedicated on and off the field. It shows in their schoolwork and how they hold themselves in the community. We snapped a 3-year losing streak, putting together a couple of wins. The season isn’t over yet, and we look to win the next two and hopefully make the playoffs.”

With just two games remaining in the season, the Hawks are determined to finish on a high note. Their last home game is slated for Saturday, October 21st, and they’ll close out the season on Friday, October 27th, facing Lummi in Bellingham.