The Easter Bunny is hopping to a neighborhood near you on March 30

By Kalvin Valdillez, Tulalip News

Recently, an inside source reached out to Tulalip News in hopes to pass a message to the all the kids living on the reservation. According to this source, who is definitely not a dalmatian named Sparky the Fire Dog, the one and only Easter Bunny will be returning to Tulalip on Saturday March 30, to deliver toys and sweets to the children of the tribal community!

Now the translation is a little ruff ruff, but the same source also revealed that Tulalip happens to be one of the Easter Bunny’s favorite places to visit, and he cannot wait to greet the kiddos with a big hug or an awesome high-five this year.  The source, who has been spot-on with this information, also shared that the Easter Bunny is excited to reunite and join forces with his bestest pal in the whole wide world, Sparky the Fire Dog, once again. 

This is the fourth year in a row that the bunny and dalmatian duo have teamed up to bring smiles to the kiddos on the reservation, in what has become known locally as the annual Easter Run. The event was originally started to help bring back a sense of normalcy during the height pandemic, in a way that was both fun and safe, to limit the spread of COVID. 

The Easter Run was such a big hit amongst both the youth and elders of the tribe that the local non-profit group, Together We’re Better, that organized the event, decided to bring it back year after year, even after gathering restrictions were lifted. 

Together We’re Better partnered with the Tulalip Bay Fire Department and the local group Aunties in Action for the event. The large collective spends an entire day walking through each neighborhood located within the fire district’s area of service to deliver goodies to the kids alongside Sparky and the Easter Bunny. This year, in addition to the Mission Highlands, Silver Village, Larry Price Loop/ Ezra Hatch, Battle Creek, and Y-site neighborhoods, the group will also be visiting three new sites including Levi Lamont (Quil #1), 81st (Quil #2), and 77th (Quil Meadows). 

The collective will begin at Mission Highlands at 12:00 p.m. and work their way through the reservation throughout the course of the day. Their official schedule, which is subject to change depending on time spent in each neighborhood, reads as follows:

  • Mission Highlands: 12:00
  • Silver Village: 12:30
  • Larry Price Loop/Ezra Hatch: 1:00
  • Battlecreek: 1:30
  • Y-Site: 2:00
  • Village of Hope 2:30
  • Quil #1: Levi Lamont: 3:00
  • Quil #2: 81st: 3:30
  • Quil Meadows: 77th: 4:00

The Easter Run is quickly becoming one of the more popular events at Tulalip, and after each visit, the children are sure to leave with a good amount of treats and happy memories. 

So, to all the local children, when you hear the sirens of the Tulalip Bay fire engine, be sure to grab your Easter baskets and head outside for your opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny and Sparky the Fire Dog in-person. And parents, bring your cameras and/or cell phones to capture a photo with your kiddos and the beloved characters.

Following last year’s Easter Run, Together We’re Better Founder, Malory Simpson, expressed, “Giving back to the community always feels really good. This is all community effort; it makes my heart happy to see the community coming together to take care of each other. I just love it. The smiles and laughter make you feel really good inside. Just seeing the kids get excited is one of the best things about the event. It’s pretty fun to see all of their reactions and see how happy the kids are to spend some time with the Easter Bunny and Sparky.”

If you are looking to get more involved with the community, Together We’re Better is always accepting donations, whether that is goods, funds, or your personal volunteered time. For more information about this year’s Easter Run, please contact Natosha Gobin at (425) 319-4416.