Symmetria Medical donates $10,000 to Tulalip Boys & Girls Club

By Micheal Rios, Tulalip News

Within our shared Tulalip/Marysville community are organizations staffed with dedicated professionals who prioritize health and well-being. These professionals are well aware that in order to have a culturally vibrant community, the individuals within the community, child to elder, must be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. 

Recognizing this, medical establishments like Symmetria Integrative Medical play a pivotal role not only in providing healthcare services but also in creating community well-being through philanthropic efforts, such as making a large financial donation to our reservation’s Boys & Girls Club. Their recent $10,000 contribution extends the impact of healthcare providers beyond the confines of clinics and injected pure excitement and goodwill into the heart of the community.

That excitement is best demonstrated by reliving a super cute moment shared by all those within earshot of two jubilant youth preparing to take a picture with the gigantic cardboard check. 

“We got $1,000!”

“Nu-huh! We got $10,000!”

“Ten-thousand?! We’re rich!”

Then in unison and completely unprompted, they shouted “Yay!’

That moment may have only lasted mere seconds, but the feels it generated, much like the $10,000 worth of support and supplies to be purchased, can leave a long-lasting impact for those for whom the local Club is a sanctuary.

“It’s important we share moments like this with the kids because its important they understand that people really care for them,” shared Tulalip Club director Shawn Sanchey. “Our Club kids are supported by those on and off the Rez and by those who aren’t here everyday with them, but who still contribute in a significant way that helps us develop programs and services which allow our kids to grow in a good way. Ultimately, I feel we can do and should do a better job as adults to help our kids understand there are people and even entire organizations out there who truly care about them and care about their successes.”

Our local boys & girls club offers a comprehensive collection of programs designed to promote the holistic development of Tulalip’s next generation. According to Grandma Diane’s latest estimations, the Club serves over 275 kids daily. From biddy ball everything to culturally relevant arts and crafts to the tech-driven future that is here now, the Club’s programs address critical areas of development for each one of those 275 kids. Each one of them has access to range of services that include education assistance, athletic support, and something as seemingly simple as access to hot meals and nutritional snacks.

“I grew up in Marysville. I went to Marysville Pilchuck High School, and I’ve always viewed the citizens of Tulalip as part of my community,” said Dr. Baljinder Gill, Symmetria president and operations director. “Now that I’m in the position of running a community-based clinic, I want to give back in way that now only supports the Tribe, but also builds upon the relationship of trust for its membership.

“The Tulalip Boys & Girls Club is so advanced, and being here today I can feel just how much trust the kids have for the staff and in turn how much the staff really cares for the kids,” added Dr. Gill. “This environment is what my clinic strives to emulate with its patient/provider relationship. It’s worth mentioning that a few years ago, the Tulalip Board of Directors passed a resolution that gives Tulalip tribal members coverage in our office. Plus, anyone who work with the Tribe and has HMA coverage, depending on the plan level they have, almost all our services are covered at 100%.”

By donating such a large sum to our Boys & Girls Club, Dr. Gill and his Symmetria clinic are doing much more than providing financial support, they are investing in the health and future of the community. To quote those previously mentioned Club kids, “Yay!”