Who Wants Frybread?

Doe’z Onda Go is serving up a modern Native American classic

Frybread burger
Frybread burger. Photo/Niki Cleary


Indian taco
Indian taco. Photo/Niki Cleary


By Niki Cleary, Tulalip News

Boom City is over and you’re in between pow wows, what are you missing? Okay, besides all those opportunities for snagging. Frybread, of course! Don’t despair, you can still get your fix of that delicious, fluffy, awesomeness. Doe’z Onda Go serves frybread delicacies including Frybread burgers, Rez dogs, NLBs (Natives love bacon), and fried Oreos (Oreos wrapped in frybread), as well as the always classy frybread a la carte (which is a fancy French phrase that basically means ‘by itself’).

“Doe” is actually Nadene Foster (Klamath), also known by her nickname, Grandma DeeDee. Her frybread is made using a biscuit recipe that has been in her family for four generations, tweaked slightly to fry up crisp and light (in texture, not calories mind you).

According to Nadene, it’s not the ingredients that make her frybread special.

“It’s all made with love,” she said. “We pray every morning before we get started. We’re going to continue to produce awesome food.”

For Nadene, frybread is family tradition.

“When I moved to Southern Oregon I’d sell my bread to make a little extra money. I was always on the go. When I start making bread, all my granddaughters want to get their hands in that dough and fry their own piece!” she laughed, “They all take turns, even the boys, they all want to make their own piece.

“To go from that to where we are today is a dream come true,” said Nadene, her eyes sparkling. “It’s so exciting, I can hardly contain myself.”

Doe’z Onda Go. Photo/Niki Cleary
Doe’z Onda Go.
Photo/Niki Cleary

The magic all happens in a tiny building, located in the same lot as Off-Road Espresso on the corner of Marine Drive and 27th Avenue. Although the building is only About 140 square feet, it contains a full professional kitchen, including a griddle, deep fryer and a fire suppression system in case all that hot food gets out of hand.

Although the recipe is old, the business uses modern technology to make sure that orders are correct, and it’s easy to pay whether you’re using cash or a card. Orders, taken on an iPad, are quickly transformed into delicious meals.

Nadene and her business partner Eric Cortez (Tulalip), opened the business June 21st.

“This has always been a dream of Nadene’s. She showed me how to make the bread, and they had talked about going full-time,” said Eric. “I became part of the family, and I had the resources and funding to make it happen.

“My mom had the space, this empty building and the spot. By the taco stand (Tacos El Ray), Off-Road Espresso and the fruit stand.  Plus this is 100% authentic, modern Native American food. Tulalip owned with a twist of southern Oregon.”

The staff favorites?

Making a frybread Oreo. Photo/Niki Cleary
Making a frybread Oreo.
Photo/Niki Cleary

“Fried Oreos are popular,” said Eric. “I like just the frybread alone and the large Rez dog is my second favorite. We’re thinking about adding deep fried bananas as a dessert. I tried one of those and wow!”

“My favorite is probably just a piece of frybread with butter,” said Nadene. “But I also like the frybread burger.”

So, if you’re ready to fulfill your frybread fantasies, Doe’z Onda Go is the stop for you. Doe’z Onda Go is open Tusday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Short on time? Call in an order for quicker pick-up, 425-622-6289.

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