iheart Tulalip

By Kalvin Valdillez, Tulalip News

During the first week of August, members of the Marysville Grove Church brought their outreach work to the Tulalip community. Every summer the church spends five days in each of its surrounding communities, including Tulalip, Lake Stevens, Everett and Stanwood, providing beautification services to specific worksites within those communities.

Established in 2011, the volunteer-based outreach campaign is known as iheart. In previous years, iheart worked in various areas throughout the Tulalip reservation, revamping local buildings, ball fields, schools as well as the Boys and Girls Club. This year, volunteers dedicated all of their efforts to remodel one building.

“Our site this year is at the Legacy of Healing,” states iheart Site Leader, Moyia Rossnagle. “Our project for this building is to give it a face lift; fresh paint, fresh deck stain, fix up the lines in the parking lot, plant flowers and prune the landscaping to make it more welcoming and more inviting for the women and children who are in crisis when they come here.“

Hundreds of Grove Church members of all ages volunteer their time to the local mission trips each summer. Parents who volunteer in iheart are encouraged to bring along their children to participate as well. Kids of the church, between the fourth and eighth grade, volunteer to work at the Kid’s Block Party, held towards the end of each iheart week.  This year, the Block Party took place at the Tulalip Boys and Girls Club.

On the hazy warm summer day of August 3, the youth of the community experienced a fun-filled day, enjoying the many activities at the Block Party including super-soaker races, bouncy houses, carnival games, manicures and face painting.

“My favorite is the bouncy houses and the water balloons. The water is so fun because it’s too hot. I like everything here, its so fun,” exclaimed Tulalip tribal member, Sylus Edwards.

In it’s sixth summer, the iheart project continues to unite communities through their outreach services.

“Everyone here is a volunteer and donates their time because they want to give back to the communities and they want to serve other people,” explains Moyia. “It feels good to do that and it’s been such a rewarding week. We’ve met some really neat people; we’ve gotten to know the women who work here and made some new friends, it’s just been such a great week.”

For further details about the Grove Church and their iheart outreach campaign, please visit their website www.Grove.Church

iheart Go! hosts block party at Tulalip Boys & Girls Club

By Brandi N. Montreuil, Tulalip News
TULALIP – The Grove Church in Marysville hosted a block party for the youth at Tulalip Boys & Girls Club as part of their iheart Go! kids campaign on Friday, August 8. The campaign is designed as a local summer mission trip that aims to connect church youth with their communities in positive ways, such as giving back to their communities.
The group, comprised of volunteer youth in grades fourth through eighth in the Marysville area, and church staff, are spent the week of August 5-9 reaching out to the Marysville/Tulalip youth through fun block parties that feature, games, bouncy houses, face painting and crafts.
The Tulalip Boys & Girls Club is one of five locations that iheart Go! youth, known for their identical bright neon green t-shirts, reached out to.
“It’s wonderful what you [Tulalip] dofor the kids at the Boys & Girls Club and the Grove Church is excited to be a part of this learning partnership. I love outreach and I love working with kids,” said Patty Thometz, Children’s Pastor at the Grove Church in an earlier interview with Tulalip News. “We couldn’t ask for a better day, the weather was gorgeous and we are so happy to be here. I think the kids are enjoying themselves.”

Grove Church iheart outreach campaign comes to Tulalip



By Kim Kalliber, Tulalip News and Patty Thometz, Grove Church

Staff and volunteers from the Grove Church in Marysville continue to expand their iheart outreach campaign in an effort to better reach out to the Marysville and Tulalip communities.

Each year, 150 plus volunteers pay a fee to go on a missions’ trip to serve our community by beautifying grounds of local schools, repairing/painting, building shelters, park benches and dug-outs for parks and baseball fields around Marysville.

Patty Thometz, Children’s Pastor at the Grove Church said, “This summer, we will be expanding our reach to children through iheartGO, a big block party for kids at various locations in Marysville. We want to go where there’s a lot of children.”

Youth in fourth through eighth grade are encouraged to volunteer a week of their time to serve others and give back to their communities. This includes everything from set up, clean up, leading the games and crafts.

The Tulalip Boys and Girls Club is one of five host locations. Chuck Thacker, Unit Director of the Tulalip Boys and Girls Club, has warmly invited the Grove Church campaign folks to partner with them for a day of fun, bounce houses, face painting, crafts, games, free hot dogs and much more. This event will be on Friday, August 8, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

“It’s wonderful what you [Tulalip] do for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club and the Grove Church is excited to be a part of this learning partnership. I love outreach and I love working with kids,” said Thometz, with a smile.

For more information about the Grove Church and its outreach programs, please visit grovech.org.