Tulalip Resort Casino Chefs Are Nutty for Hazelnuts This November Dishes to Celebrate the Resort’s Third Annual “Hazelnut Holidays”

Tulalip, Washington — Tulalip Resort Casino chefs are excited to whip up their newest filbert-filled creations for their dining guests. From breakfast and salads to seafood and tempting desserts, these seasoned chefs have rounded up some creative hazel-nutty recipes. Tulalip’s third annual “Hazelnut Holidays” will run from November 1 through December 1, 2019.

Local hazelnuts from Hazel Blue Acres will be featured throughout the Resort’s restaurants. What makes Hazel Blue Acres hazelnuts so special? These nuts originate at a local family farm in Silvana, Washington, near the Stillaguamish River. Tulalip’s commitment to curating top local ingredients in all of their dishes is highlighted with their partnership with Hazel Blue Acres.

“Hazelnuts are not just for dessert,” shares Executive Chef Perry Mascitti. “Hazelnuts and chocolate are a match made in heaven and their rich, nutty flavor can turn any dessert into a masterpiece. Roasted hazelnuts (chopped or whole) can impart a buttery savoriness to everything from salads to meat dishes, and can transform an otherwise simple dish into a satisfying, hearty plate. We can’t wait to share this year’s Hazelnut Holidays with you!”

The Tulalip chef team invites all Resort guests to enjoy the following hazelnut-laced selections during November’s Hazelnut Holidays.

Blackfish Wild Salmon Grill and Bar’s Chef David Buchanan loves cooking with hazelnuts because they add a sweet, nutty flavor to his Hazelnut Pesto Sea Bass. The Sea Bass is encrusted with the hazelnut pesto, served with a Havarti polenta, and autumn succotash of corn, roast butternut squash, asparagus, zucchini and red onion. And for the finale to dinner, guests can enjoy Pastry Chef Nikol Nakamura’s Sutell Stuffed Beignets. They are stuffed with Nutella hazelnut spread and served with praline ice cream, which should not be missed.

Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? If so, then head over to Cedars Cafe, where Chef Brent Clarkson will be preparing his Cedar’s Café Grilled Hazelnut Coque Madame. Served on a grilled hazelnut crusted egg bread, layered with Havarti cheese, prosciutto, ham and two cook-to-order eggs, topped with the Chef’s Sauce Mornay. This hazelnut special will be offered seven days a week during November from 6 am to 4 pm. To fulfill your sweet tooth, indulge in their Chocolate and Hazelnut Pudding served with Frangelico cream, toasted hazelnuts and fresh raspberries. The perfect way to start any morning!

Join Chef Jeremy Taisey for Tula Bene Pastaria + Chophouse’s house-made Garganelle pasta served with braised pork, toasted hazelnut ragu, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, parmesan cheese and pickled peaches. And to end the meal with a slice of pure sweetness, try Pastry Chef Nikol Nakamura’s Gianduja Tart made with creamy mascarpone and a rich, deep chocolate hazelnut filling.

For a quick bite on-the-go, make a stop at either the Carvery or theHotel Espresso fortheir Toasted Hazelnut Chicken Salad. The salad will be served with a roasted chicken breast, toasted Hazel Blue Acres hazelnuts, and red grapes on a bed of crisp Bibb lettuce.

As part of this year’s Hazelnut Holidays, Chef Lil at Eagles Buffet will be sharing her signature Roast Pork Tenderloin. It will be served with a house-made mustard hazelnut sauce, which is part of the daily buffet offerings. For menu information and pricing, visit here

At The Draft Sports Bar and Grill, it’s all about the Hazelnut Chicken Bites. Chef Susan is serving these golden brown hazelnut crusted chicken bites with their house-made bleu queso dipping sauce. 

Tulalip’s Blazing Paddles Stone Fired Pizza and Spirits are showcasing their Hazelnut Fig and Pear Pizza this November: a tempting pizza layered with fig jam, arugula, red and Bartlett pears, brie cheese, prosciutto and topped with hazelnuts. 

Are you craving a dessert pizza? Order Blazing Paddles Hazelnut Cinnalicious made with cinnamon streusel, green apples and drizzled with a caramel sauce. 

The Tulalip culinary team extends an invitation for everyone to come and experience their “Hazelnut Holidays” for this limited engagement. For more information, visit tulalipcasino.com.