‘Killer Whale Tales’ returns Saturday

Source: The Herald

EVERETT — Researcher and professional photographer Jeff Hogan brings back his “Killer Whale Tales” to the NW Stream Center in Snohomish County’s McCollum Park, 600 128th Street SE, Everett.

The show is at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Hogan will show surface and underwater photos and videos. After attending this show, people will be able to identify when a whale is swimming to get to another location, hunting for salmon or just playing.

Hogan will also discuss the sleeping habits of orcas: Their brains are so large that they put half their brain to sleep, but use the other half to keep on the move.

Hogan also will provide a unique view of what it is like to swim with the San Juan orcas, thanks to a research webcam that was temporarily attached to a very large male killer whale’s dorsal fin.

He also will provide news on the baby orca that was born earlier this year and bring along a whale skull for people to examine.

Cost is $5 for Adopt A Stream Foundation members, $7 non-members. Proceeds benefit the Adopt A Stream Foundation’s Streamkeeper Academy.

Call 425-316-8592 now to register. Space is limited.