Tell Congress to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership

Source: Grassroots International

The emphasis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be on the influx of the cheapest goods and services and the promotion of transnational corporate profits, regardless of costs to the environment, communities or human lives. This will affect food, fishing, agriculture, energy extraction, retail goods, banking – literally all sectors of our lives.

Yet after three years of discussion, negotiators still refuse to tell the public what’s being proposed. While secrecy is the rule when it comes to the public, hundreds of corporate lobbyists have “cleared advisor” status granting them access to the text. Even more concerning, is that the U.S. trade representative is pushing to “fast track” the agreement.

Will you join Grassroots International, our Global South partners, and our allies in the US Food Sovereignty Alliance in saying “No!” to the TPP and the fast track?

Together we can stop the one of the most destructive, secret, corporate-driven policies of the decade.

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