Tiller’s Guide Contacting Tribes to Attract New Opportunities

Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country


Press Release

Albuquerque, N.M.: Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country is now reaching out to the tribes for information to build tribal prosperity, and your help is needed.

Tiller’s Guide is preserving tribal legacies and building tribal business relationships. Since 1996, Tiller’s Guide has been an indispensable outreach for Native America, bringing business, government support and tourism. A massive reference source and the go-to place for tribal information for agencies, companies and media, Tiller’s Guide tells the story of Indian economic progress, tracking Indian success stories and partnering with the tribes to reach out into the world.

Tiller’s Guide is compiled by a team led by Native scholar, author and editor Dr. Veronica Tiller to gather accurate information about the tribes, and her researchers are now contacting tribal offices to ensure that we get the most accurate information out into the world. Partnering with the Guide means that a tribe has a stake in determining how they are viewed by the outside world.

W. Ron Allen, Chairman/CEO, Jamestown S’Klallam of Washington State, writes: “I strongly encourage Tribal leadership and staff to help Dr. Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country continue to provide the rich and valuable information, histories and profile data of the tribes across the nation. This guide will also provide current economic growth and diversification, as well as their land status, government, infrastructure and tourism.  If you promptly respond to her team’s request for information, you’ll support her dedication and commitment to produce this valuable resource. Veronica Tiller has methodically and patiently gathered together this information into a single, thorough guide.  That’s what makes Tiller’s Guide indispensable.  Your response to her team’s requests shall make this happen as an impressive success. I urge all to whom Veronica’s team reaches out to partner with her in this effort.”

When Dr. Tiller’s team calls you, please help on a timely basis so the Guide can reach those who seek to work with our communities. Call (505) 328-9772 for more information.