Chief Spence urged to end hunger strike for her health

Article by Monica Brown

As Attawapiskat’s Chief Theresa Spence’s 17th day of her hunger strike over bill C-45 comes to an end she is being urged by the federal health minister and first nation’s leader to end her hunger strike since they fear for her health. They are suggesting she meet with Aboriginal Affairs Minister, John Duncan whom she has refused to meet and speak with stating that she wishes to meet with Prime Minister Harper. Chief Spence has only had fish broth and water for the last 17 days as she is camped out in a teepee on the island which is considered by the Anishinabe to be traditional territory.

In support of Chief Spence flash mobs of round dance protesting have begun all over Canada and recently across the globe urging this problem be addressed. People have been invited to support and join Chief Spence in her hunger strike for a four day fast.

New Democrat MP Charlie Angus has said that Chief Spence’s hunger strike has entered a deadly phase and is reaching out to other chief’s in order to solve what has become a national crisis. Stating that, “This is much bigger than Theresa Spence, it’s much bigger than an individual community, this is across the country now and it really needs the prime minister to take action.”

Plans for protests across Canada and the U.S. are still in the works for the coming week and hopes are that this will meet an agreeable end.