Paine Field possibly going commercial

Paine Field

Article and Photo by Monica Brown

The question on many minds of the residents in the Snohomish county; is Paine Field going to have commercial flights? On December 4th the FAA announced that they found no significant impact that would prevent Paine Field from taking on commercial flights.

In 2008, studies began to assess whether Paine Field would be able to support commercial flights. The study was so extensive it assessed the effect it would have until the year 2018 on subjects from noise to the economy. The Washington State Department of Transportation did an Economic Impact Study and estimated that the potential of commercialized flights at Paine Field would directly and indirectly produce 65,430 jobs and $5.5 billion in income.

Tulalip Tribes, along with other nearby tribes, were notified of Paine Field’s intention of establishing commercial flights and asked if they had any concerns they would like to address. The Tribes were assured if during construction for a new runway that any cultural findings came about further construction would be halted, but that the land intended for construction was “pre-disturbed land”.

Airlines interested include Allegiant Air and Horizon Air. The planes would seat 75 – 150 and would land and depart only a few times an hour. Before they can take on commercial flights parking will need to be expanded and another runway built. The Environmental Assessment found that air quality, noise levels, traffic would not be reason for concern.


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