Don Hatch receives YMCA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Marysville Family YMCA Board honors Tulalip Tribal Board Member Don Hatch with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Marysville Family YMCA Board honors Tulalip Tribes Board Member Don Hatch with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

By Kim Kalliber, Tulalip News staff

MARYSVILLE, Wash.- Tulalip Tribal Board Member Don Hatch Jr. was described as “being the bridge” between the Tulalip and Marysville communities during a ceremony in which the Marysville Family YMCA honored Hatch with a Lifetime Achievement Award on February 19th.

This sentiment was echoed by attending YMCA board members and representatives of the Marysville School District.

“When we first thought about building the Y, Don was on board. His favorite expression over the years has been, ‘it’s all about the kids,’ said Anthony Roon, YMCA board member.

Anthony went on to say that three words he uses to describe Don are respect, compassion and reasonable. “I like to see our country have such a good example of collaborative work.  He is someone who has community in his soul. He always has the betterment of the community in his heart. That’s why we want to make Don a permanent member of our Board.”

Hatch, an original member of the 10th Street YMCA, reminisced about his early years. “In 1971 we got the Board together. It was really tremendous. There were about seven of us, and that was the start of everything.”

Over the years, Hatch has watched the YMCA grow into the thriving institution it is today, and was grateful to receive the award.  “I feel really welcomed here and I feel great with this [award].”

Sheryl Fryberg, Tulalip Tribes General Manager and Ray Fryberg, Executive Director of Cultural & Natural Resources, said a prayer and sang a song in Hatch’s honor.  “Let’s make it happen for the kids, is what Don always says. I lift up my hands to Don for all the good work that he’s done,” said Sheryl.

Sean King, YMCA board chairman and Mary Bredereck, YMCA associate executive, presented Hatch with a jacket and plaque, featuring the thumbprints of young YMCA members, in recognition of his many years serving the community.