Hopis Try to Stop Paris Sale of Artifacts

By Monica Brown, Tulalip News Writer

70 sacred Hopi masks that are set to be auctioned in France are estimated to be worth $1 million. The New York Times reports, the auction is set for April 12th at Néret-Minet auction house. Néret-Minet states that the items were legally obtained over 30 years ago and that this auction should be considered a homage to the Hopi Indians and they should be happy so many people want to understand and analyze their civilization.

Mr. Kuwanwisiwma, director of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office has responded with,

“The Hopi Tribe is just disgusted with the continued offensive marketing of Hopi culture.”  The Hopi Tribe has attempted to contact the auction house with no luck and has sought legal council on possible ways to bring the masks back to their rightful owners, The Hopi Tribe.