E-retailer Cabinethardware.org Creates ‘Knobs For Navajos’

Pauline Whitesinger, Navajo Elder
Pauline Whitesinger, Navajo Elder

Fund Will Help Native Americans Rebuild

Black Mesa, ARIZON (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Like many Native Americans, Navajo Elder Pauline Whitesinger lives in squalor. As a member of the Navajo nation, she is also part of America’s largest and poorest tribe who were prohibited from building for 43 years under federal legislation known as the Bennett Freeze. Although the ban was lifted in 2009, the recent recession dried up all sources of federal funding.

Rebuilding could begin soon for Elder Whitesinger, thanks to funding from Knobs for Navajos, a new crowdfunded campaign created by Cabinethardware.org.

“The abysmal living conditions of the Navajo community were brought to our attention through the story of Pauline Whitesinger and we were moved to help,” explains Cabinethardware.org founder David Mason. “We created Knobs for Navajos with the goal of raising $10,000 to assist local non-profits help families affected by The Bennett Freeze. Knobs for Navajos chose Elder Whitesinger as its first grant recipient. If successful, she will be able to build her own hogan, the traditional Navajo dwelling, on her native land.”

Cabinethardware.org is turning the traditional business model on its head by merging the crowdfunding concept with its successful e-commerce site, Kitchen-Cabinet-Hardware.com. This means that anyone who shops on its site can designate 10 percent of their total purchase to a featured project. The project must receive 100 or more votes to qualify for assistance.

“We are a home improvement site, so it’s only natural that the way we give back is to help those in need improve their homes. By shopping on our site, you can renovate your own home and at the same time help others at no additional cost to you,” Mason continues. “We believe in doing good for others while you’re doing good for yourself.”

To learn more and to vote for the Knobs for Navajos project visit http://www.cabinethardware.org/relief-efforts/knobs-for-navajos.

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