Deceased man who worked for Makah Nation called serial killer


Federal authorities say a deceased man killed several people 11 people, including five during his time as an employee of the Makah Nation of Washington.

Israel Keyes allegedly admitted to the murders while he was being held in Alaska for the death of a young woman there. The FBI needs help identifying the victims.

“We’ve exhausted all our investigative leads,” FBI spokesperson Eric Gonzalez told The Peninsula Daily News. The FBI posted information about Keyes in hopes of drawing new leads.

Keyes worked for the tribe from 2001 through 2007. The first murder was committed while he lived on the reservation in 2001, the FBI said.

Makah Police Chief Charles Irving previously told The Seattle Weekly that Keyes didn’t draw attention to himself. He reportedly lived with a woman who bore his child.

“He had no run-ins with the police,” Irving told the Weekly back in January. “A lot of people were surprised because he was pretty well liked here.”

The woman and the child still live on the reservation, The Peninsula Daily News reported. Keyes was known as a good father, tribal judge Emma Dulik said.

“He never seemed to cause any problems,” Dulik told the paper.

It wasn’t reported whether the woman or the child are tribal members. Of the three known victims, including the one in Alaska, none have been identified as American Indian or Alaska Native.

“Out of the respect for the family of Mr. Israel Keyes, the Makah tribe will not be making any formal comment to the media related to Mr. Keyes’ time spent in Neah Bay,” the tribal council said in a statement to the Daily News

Keyes killed himself in December 2012 while being held for the murder of an 18-year-old woman in Alaska.


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