Top adult and children Halloween costumes not scary this year

Goodwill costume trending poll: 29 stores, 15 counties, 1,500 costumes sample thru last weekend (Oct 1 – 13)


George White, Tacoma Goodwill

TACOMA, WA (October 15, 2013) – After 13 days of costume sales at 29 Goodwill stores in Tacoma Goodwill’s 15 county region, non-scary costumes are topping the list for adults and children this year.


Adults (684) % Children (821) %
Fairy – traditional (33) 4.8 Animals (86) 10.5
Witch – sexy (32) 4.7 Princess (55) 6.7
Vamp (29) 4.2 Fairy – traditional (49) 6.0
Hick (26) 3.8 Angel 5.4
Witch – scary (25) 3.7 Ninja (43) 5.2
Zombie (24) 3.5 Vampire (35) 4.3
Cheerleader (23) 3.4 Tinkerbell Fairy (31) 3.8
Devil – sexy (23) 3.4 Witch – scary (27) 3.3
Vampire (21) 3.1 Witch – hip (25) 3.1
Army brat, Flapper, Go Go Girl, Nurse-Sexy, Soldier 2.3 Police Officer (24) 2.9


In a straw poll of 1,500 costume purchases from Oct 1 – 13 where cashiers asked customers their costume choice(s):

  • A majority of the top 10 are non-scary:  seven top adult and eight top children’s costumes are traditional, fun or sexy this year
  • More kids costumes are selling (821) than adults (684)
  • Top children costumes are trending unisex (gender neutral) such as animals, ninja, vampire and police officer
  • The impact of merchandising is apparent as adult and children fairy costumes were a featured item in our store imagination station wall displays

The poll reflects the imagination of Washington residents this year as the vast majority of Goodwill costumes are assembled from a non-Halloween base product that is accessorized.  (For example, a fairy would be centered around tights, a leotard, a tutu and slippers accessorized with wings, a wand and make up.  A “ghost bride” would consist of a real wedding dress with a white hat, parasol and makeup for accessories – and all for 20% of original cost).

“By culling through 8,000 truckloads of household, estate and community donations each year, we create a Halloween shopping experience similar to visiting a wardrobe department in a movie studio,” said John Nadeau, Director of Retail Sales for Tacoma Goodwill.

“Pirate coats, boots and belts are real.  And the same for pilot, soldier, fireman, doctor and nurse attire.  Now a “She Devil” can wear that fantastic red dress AND Prada,” said Nadea.