Tulalip’s 2nd Annual Community Wellness Conference, June 10-11

By Alison Bowen

This year’s conference will focus on healthy relationships.  Whether you struggle with your relationships or have a fantastic relationship with your partner, family or children, you will enjoy and learn a great deal from this conference. Presenters will provide helpful strategies to make all your relationships more stable, meaningful, caring and loving.

On June 10th , Sheri Gazitt will speak about “Communicating With Your Teen.” Ms. Gazitt is a teen educator who works for Seattle’s TeenWise. In her presentations, she delves into difficult topics that parents and teens face every day. You will leave the presentation with a refreshing outlook and some new tools for parenting your teen.

On June 11th, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, world renowned experts on marriage, relationships and family will present on “How to Make Relationships Work” and “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child.” Dr. Gottman and his wife, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman are the founding co-directors of the Gottman Institute, the Relationship Research Institute and  the Gottman Institute’s Relationship Clinic. The Gottman’s presentations will help you realize that there is hope for every relationship!

Board member Deborah Parker attended one of the Gottman’s presentations. “It was a great experience! The speakers are sensible, practical and down-to-earth about relationships. They also put humor in their work. I encourage all tribal members to attend this conference!”

Our families are the center of our community. We would do anything to keep our families together. They are very precious and important to us. These great presentations can provide information that will be helpful in keeping our relationships stable, secure and together. We look forward to seeing you at this important conference.

For more information please contact Ashley Tiedeman, 360.716.5719