15 People Who Plan to Be a Native American This Halloween



Simon Moya-Smith, Indian Country Today


Well, it’s nearly Halloween, which means it’s that time of year again when cultural misappropriation runs amok; when you end up at a party and some one comes clad in faux Native American garb, i.e. a chicken-feathered headdress and multi-colored racing stripes on his face. Invariably, the man’s date comes costumed as a “Pocahottie,” and is completely oblivious to the plague of violence against indigenous women in North America. So, folks, here are 15 people who have publicly expressed their interest in dressing up as a Native American this year. Be warned. Some of these are pretty awful:


Um, no, you can’t.


Emphasis on “wanna be.”

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Go toothpaste. Please, go toothpaste.


Buddy, that’s A.) Hardly creative, and B.) Really? … just … really?


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