Men urged to think healthy and get checked

By Micheal Rios, Tulalip News 

The Karen I. Fryberg Tulalip Health Clinic is reminding men to take charge of their health as the upcoming Men’s Health Fair is right around the corner. Scheduled to take place on Friday, December 9, from 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m., the annual health fair is all about raising awareness for men’s health, with a particular focus on preventative measures.

“Getting men to understand their own health, to think about their health, and then getting them to show up and take advantage of the all the preventative health screenings we offer could make a big difference in their lives,” says Jennie Fryberg, Health Information Manager for the clinic. “Our Tulalip men are so used to putting family first, making sure their kids and loved ones are taken care of, that they forget to make themselves a priority when it comes to their own health.”

Some of the health prevention measures offered will be a cholesterol screening, blood pressure checks, prostate screening (via a blood draw), hearing and vision tests, diabetes screening, as well as many informational booths.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol are two of the most frequent diagnosis for Native men. Both can be easily screened for and detected with the simple prevention screenings offered that the health fair. If detection occurs, follow-up appointments can be schedule right on the spot.

In recent years at the health fair, Jennie says there are typically three or four men who, based on their screening results, decide to schedule follow-up appointments.

“Prevention is the best kind of medicine. That’s why we have our Men’s Health Fair, to help our men be as healthy as possible. If we do detect something like hypertension or possible diabetes, then we can start the treatment process right away.”

Along with all the preventative screenings and informational booths there will also be demonstrations by Haggen Northwest Fresh meat department and Klesick Farms. The demos will focus on healthy eating made simple, along with detailing the various health advantages of eating local and organic.

For those who still require that extra incentive to attend the health fair and make their health a priority, let’s not forget about the raffle giveaway. All men who attend and participate in the screenings will be entered into a raffle that includes various prizes and goodies. Highlights raffle prizes include chainsaws, tools, and a stand-up freezer. As a reminder, you do not need to be in attendance at the raffle drawing to win. All winners will be contacted through phone and/or e-mail to collect their prizes.

“This building is named after [my] mom and one of her messages she always said was, ‘Our health fairs are a one stop shop.’ You can come in, get all your screenings done at once, no need for multiple appointments sitting in the office,” Jennie concludes. “By taking advantage of our one stop shop health fair, our men can make sure they are healthy and in best condition to take care of their families for years to come.”


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