Water Notice for Tulalip Utility Customers

It has come to that time when we need to conserve our water and enforce a community watering  schedule. The watering schedule will be in effect starting July 30, 2018. Schedule is as follows, according to your house number:

Odd numbers will water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Even numbers will water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

NO watering on Fridays

We also ask that you try to conserve water as much as possible by hand watering plants, washing your vehicles at local car washes and limit the filling of swimming pools.

There will be consequences if you are watering on a non-scheduled watering day. The offenses are as follows (TTC 13.85):

  • 1stoffense: Warning notice
  • 2nd offense: $100 fine added to your bill
  • 4th offense: Water will be turned off. Owners responsibility to pay $250 re-connect fee

Please, if you see anyone watering on a non-scheduled day or have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Tulalip Tribes Utilities at 360-716-4840.