Easter Bunny brings literary joy to TELA

By Wade Sheldon, Tulalip News 

In a heartwarming event that brought smiles to children’s faces at the Betty J. Taylor Early Learning Academy (TELA), the Easter Bunny appeared on Thursday, March 28 to distribute books and cookies, spreading joy and excitement among the young learners. The happy bunny made his way through every classroom.

Students would either run up to give a high five or pound fists, while some held back as they weren’t sure of the furry creature standing in their room. One student said, “That’s a big bunny.” Another student remarked, “Can he hop like a little bunny?” 

This year, TELA is working on consent. The teachers instructed the students to ask the bunny for consent before trying to hug the bunny. 

And as a special treat, a copy of the book, ‘Coast Salish ABCs’ by TELA counselor and tribal member, Marysa Sylvester, was given to each child. “It felt very cool,” Marysa said. “I didn’t think my ABC book would be picked; I am very grateful that the Academy chose my book. I feel very blessed, and I think it’s awesome.”

  “There are many positives to early learning reading,” teacher assistant Absyde Dacoscos said. “It exposes the kids to language literacy and letter recognition. We want to provide books to encourage families to go home and read together. The Co-Salish ABC’s book is a bonus, allowing them to see the cultural designs while teaching the ABCs.”

As the children bid farewell to their furry friend, TELA concluded yet another successful event dedicated to spreading happiness and fostering a love for learning.