Kudos to our Heritage art interns

Submitted by Mytyl Hernandez and Ty Juvinel

“I wanted to share some information on the intern program that Ty has been coordinating at Tulalip Tribes design. He has had two tribal members, both interns from Heritage High School, for the majority of the year. They are finishing up their final week of internship and we thought it could make for a very good share. They have helped with all types of projects, including an order of 100 unsanded clapper kits for our events department and an additional 4 paddles that will all be gifted to students at their upcoming graduation.”

– Mytyl Hernandez, Hibulb Cultural Center manager

“These two young men have been doing some wonderful work, both of which are due to graduate. Adrian Jefferson and Taryn Fryberg have been really working their tails off through their own challenges, along with prepping for graduation. I’m just hoping we can inspire them to continue bettering themselves.

I’m proud of how driven this graduating class is. It takes a lot of strength and drive to talk about your passion and even more strength to follow your dreams. It always seems that once u speak on your goals people are quick to put you down, but these young men keep moving forward!”

– Ty Juvinel, creative arts & media specialist