Transform your money mindset with  Master Your Money Workshop

By Wade Sheldon, Tulalip News

In today’s society, effective money management is crucial. With prices at an all-time high and inflation affecting every aspect of our daily lives, saving and investing in our future has never been more critical. Romica Devi, a Tulalips Behavioral Health representative, offers a unique six-step course on managing your money with the Master Your Money Workshop. These classes focus on changing spending habits and the mindset surrounding money, offering a comprehensive approach to financial management.

Money can evoke a wide range of emotions, and how you deal with these emotions will determine what your relationship with money might bring. The Master Your Money Workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills to transform your relationship with money by delving into crucial topics like credit, savings, scams, and money harmony.
“When managing money, your emotions will play a major role, and this workshop is designed to help you navigate these emotions with confidence and control,” Romica said. “I grew up with a lot of stress around money. Whenever I had money, I had impulses to get rid of it as fast as possible. My emotions were skewed. What you focus on is what you will notice. I used to put things on credit cards, so I would automatically put myself in debt. I would feel happy when I spent my money and not when I kept it. I had fear, anger, and resentfulness about how I felt and dealt with money.”

In her most recent class, Romica talked about money harmony. This dealt with getting to the root of why you feel the way you do about money and some ways to help change. She also talked about your reticular activating system. This system is a part of your brain that regulates behavioral arousal, consciousness, and motivation. What you focus on with this system, will bring more of that into your life.
One of Romica’s solutions is, she put a little bit of money into an account and treats it like a game, having fun watching her balance grow. This brought her positive feelings and helped her see the potential of her money. You might not notice it immediately, but you’ll start feeling better as you save more.
Managing money can be very difficult, and knowing how to deal with these issues is vital in becoming a more conscious buyer and spender. Romica explained, “There are things that happen in all areas of our lives that we don’t ask for; they just happen. The thing is, now we are adults, and we have the choice to change how we feel about money.”

This workshop is open to everyone, and you are welcome to attend any class as long as you register before attending each one. Classes are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at the Tulalip Recovery Resource Center. If you or someone you know is interested in attending Romica’s class on managing finances or wants to gather additional information on how to handle money matters, we encourage you to reach out to Romica via email at or or call (425) 530 6341. Don’t miss this opportunity to master your money and transform your financial future.