Suspect arrested in luring incident

Source: Press Release, Marysville Police Department

Marysville Police have made an arrest in a luring incident that was reported last week. A Marysville man was arrested Thursday morning after officers were able to identify and locate the vehicle used in the incident. The suspect was arrested without incident out of his Marysville residence.

On April 14th an adult male subject pulled up in a vehicle near where an eight year old boy was standing and engaged the boy in a conversation. At one point he offered the boy money and video games if he got into the vehicle. The boy, remembering what he had been taught in school ran away because he did not know the man. The boy reported the incident to his mother who notified police.

The mother advised police her son told her the man was driving a large white SUV. He was also able to provide a general description of the man. Detectives were able to complete a composite sketch of the suspect based on the description provided by the boy.

On Wednesday evening officers responded to a second reported similar incident; the mother of an 11 year old female reported that her daughter was a student crossing guard for Shoultes Elementary. While acting as a crossing guard in the morning a male subject in a white minivan repeatedly drove past her. The girl told her mother that each time he drove past he would smile and wave and made her feel uncomfortable. The girl also saw the same white van after school. The girl was also able to provide a description of the driver. Her description was similar to the one given by the boy in the previous incident.

On Thursday during the morning school commute, officers were present in the area of Shoultes Elementary looking out for the white van.

The mother of the young girl from the incident on Wednesday contacted an officer and advised him the van had twice driven by the area near the crossing guards. The mother was able to provide a partial license plate and advised the white van was an older model Toyota.

Officers were able to identify and locate the suspect vehicle based on the partial license plate given by the parent.
Officers drove to the address listed for the vehicle and made contact with a 31 year old male at the residence. He resembled the man described by the young boy from the incident the previous week. The suspect was arrested and booked at the Snohomish County Jail on unrelated, outstanding felony warrants.

Late this morning, a Marysville detective delivered Probable Cause papers to the Snohomish County Jail for the crime of Luring. The suspect will also be booked for the new offense.

“This is an excellent example of how when police, schools and the community work together we are able to arrest bad guys and get them off the streets,” stated Commander Robb Lamoureux.

The two children involved were not physically injured in any way. “Were just very proud of those two kids; they both did everything right by recognizing a bad situation and running away or telling an adult about what happened to them,” Lamoureux said.

Crime doesn’t pay, but it sure costs

Brandi N. Montreuil, Tulalip News

TULALIP – Due to jail reforms meant to eliminate overcrowding and prevent offender deaths due to medical issues, the Tribe will be spending more than it did in 2014, to book and jail offenders arrested by Tulalip Police Department come 2015.

The Tulalip Tribes passed a motion to adopt resolution 2014-445, approving contracts with the Marysville and Snohomish County jail facilities for 2015, during the October 4, 2014, regular board meeting. This means Tulalip will continue to use the jail facilities to house Tulalip tribal members who commit crimes on the Tulalip Indian Reservation, along with adapting their budget to reflect the increase of jail costs.

Beginning next year it will cost the Tribe $43 to book an offender into the Marysville Police Detention facility and $65 for a daily housing fee. The facility has a 57-bed capacity and services the cities of Marysville, Lake Stevens and Arlington in addition to Tulalip, making space limited and competitive.

To house offenders at Snohomish County Jail, located in Everett, the Tribe currently pays a $95 booking fee and a $66 daily housing fee. In 2015, this will increase to $115 booking fee and $84 daily housing fee.

Tulalip Police Chief Carlos Echevarria says these fees are used to pay for administrative tasks. “Each year it goes up.”

However, the rates for Snohomish County, the most expensive jail facility the Tribe currently uses, depends on the offender’s physical and mental stability when they are booked, determined by the jail staff during the booking process.

According to Echevarria there are three tiers Snohomish County uses to classify offenders. If an offender is mentally and physically stable enough to be housed in general population, then it will cost the Tribe $84 a day come January 2015. If the offender requires medical supervision or medication while incarcerated, then the Tribe will pay a $132 daily housing fee. For offenders requiring mental housing units, it will cost $201 daily.

Due to increased jail costs, police departments are reassessing how jails are being used. Cities are responsible for booking and housing costs on misdemeanor arrests, while counties pick up the tab for felony offenders.

Tulalip Tribes pays 100 percent of the cost out of the Tribes’ hard dollar budget. Unlike cities who have a budget stemmed from tax payers, the Tribe must project each year how much to set aside.

To help keep jail costs from skyrocketing, alternative-sentencing programs are used, such as the Tulalip Tribal Courts Elders Panel, for first-time non-violent offenders. Instead of lengthy jail sentences offenders are asked to complete community service or volunteer within the community along with other requirements.

“The only cost associated to TPD are only for Tulalip tribal members, with the exception of persons we arrest and are being held under special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction – VAWA cases,” said Echevarria. “There isn’t a sure way to project who is going to have to go to jail and how much we need to budget for that.”


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Marysville police investigate shooting at Walmart parking lot

By Eric Stevick, The Everett Herald

TULALIP — Detectives are investigating a shooting at a Walmart parking lot on the Tulalip Indian Reservation on Tuesday that sent one man to the hospital on his 29th birthday.


The man was treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett on Tuesday night before being booked into the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of robbery and a parole violation Wednesday morning.


His accomplice, 21, was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of robbery and theft.


The men are accused of stealing two ounces of marijuana from a Tulalip man at gunpoint.


That man, 23, said the men hit him in the face with a handgun and shot out his front passenger-side window. He fired back with his own gun, and said his actions were self-defense, according to court records.


Detectives had the car impounded.


“They are still gathering evidence,” Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Shari Ireton said Wednesday.


The Tulalip man told detectives that he sells medical marijuana and had taken out an ad on Craigs-list. He agreed to meet with the men Wednesday night.


After the shooting, the Tulalip man drove home to tell his wife what happened. They then went to the Washington State Patrol headquarters west of Marysville to report the shooting. The case was turned over to Tulalip Tribal Police who asked for assistance from the sheriff’s office Major Crimes Unit.


At the hospital, the injured suspect told detectives he was shot at a party in Everett. When asked if he had been in the Tulalip supermarket parking lot earlier that evening, he allegedly became uncooperative.


An acquaintance of both suspects said he drove the men from the Tulalip supermarket parking lot to Everett and dropped them off at the emergency room, according to court records.

Inmate under medical watch dies in Snohomish County Jail

Source: The Herald

EVERETT — A 42-year-old Tulalip woman died suddenly in the Snohomish County Jail on Thursday, the sheriff’s office said.

The woman had been booked on Wednesday for investigation of fourth-degree domestic violence assault and was found unresponsive at about 2 p.m. Thursday in the jail’s medical unit, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Shari Ireton said in a news release. Efforts to revive the woman failed.

The jail has been under scrutiny after a series of inmate deaths in recent years. Those cases led to a federal review of operations and claims against the county alleging poor medical care.

County officials have been working to improve medical care, increase staffing and reduce the inmate population. A full-time doctor was recently hired and Sheriff Ty Trenary has asked the Snohomish County Council for an additional 29 staff positions at the jail, most of them for registered nurses.

Several of the inmate deaths over the past few years involved drugs, alcohol and withdrawal symptoms as factors.

“The inmate had been medically screened at booking, placed on a drug and alcohol withdrawal watch and admitted into the medical unit,” Ireton said. “She was routinely checked every half hour by medical unit personnel.

“Her death is being investigated by detectives with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit. A review of the death from a clinical standpoint will also be conducted, independent of the death investigation,” the sheriff’s spokeswoman said.

The woman’s identity is to be released by the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office.