Youth Services Easter Bash

By Micheal Rios, Tulalip News

Hundreds hippity hopped to an early Easter Bash hosted at Tulalip’s Youth Center on Saturday, March 30. There were dyed eggs galore, coloring stations, plenty of Easter themed backdrops for pictures, and energy-inducing sugary treats. However, nothing topped the pure joy of children eager to meet their imaginary icon, the Easter bunny.

“The Easter Bash was a huge success,” said Sheena Oldham, one of the event coordinators. Serving as an activities specialist and proud mom of three kids, she was well versed in what a proper Easter party required. “I feel like our Bash brought a ton of people together. I’m proud of your Youth Services staff for all they did behind the scenes to make this happen, including wearing the bunny suit.

“The games, the food, the racing to get eggs, you could see how much everything meant to the kids who were running around endlessly from one activity to another,” she added. “Personally, my favorite aspect was seeing the competitive atmosphere from both parents and kids when it came time to the egg hunt. It was all smiles throughout and we saw so many people taking and sharing pictures of their happy kids. It’s events like this that really show how much our community appreciates getting together and having fun.”