Bubble Man returns to Tulalip


By Monica Brown, TulalipNews

On July 8th, The Bubble Man arrived at Tulalip Montessori in his purple van filled with repurposed “cheap toys.” He delighted the crowd of children and adults, or kidlings and kidults as the Bubble Man says, with his enormous soap bubbles, his quick wit and encouraging phrases such as, “Fun more time!”
With his purple beard and colorful hat, the Bubble Man strutted the schoolyard on a sunny afternoon, eliciting laughter from the kidlings and kidults. He explained to the children the importance of listening, behaving, being kind to the environment and having fun. While the Bubble Man offers high levels of bubble-making entertainment, he also delivers a powerful message to children about being environmentally conscious. Most of his bubble makers, which he labels “cheap toys”, are repurposed items he has acquired from around the world, such has rug beaters, plastic soda bottles, zip ties, silverware trays, toy horns and plastic soda can holders, to name a few.
Garry Golightly is the Bubble Man and he has traveled the world showing people the excitement and joy that comes from bubble making. Gary explained after his show, that no other toy brings so much joy, is as cheap and disappears so quickly like the bubble does. This was the third year in a row that the Bubble Man has made the trek to Tulalip.


bubble-kids bubble-girls reaching


Visit bubbleman.com for more information or call 206-781-6749.