Tulalip’s got talent

By Micheal Rios, Tulalip News

On Thursday, April 13, the auditorium of Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary was home to the artistic expression, vocal talents, and hula-hooping skills provided by the youthful, creative student body.

The 2017 talent show was a great way to showcase the students, build their confidence, and bring the community together. It’s a fun-filled event that appeals to all age groups and gives family and friends the perfect opportunity to capture long-lasting memories.

“Our annual talent show is such a great event. There is a buzz in the school prior to the talent show, with pockets of kids practicing their acts during their recess time. It’s so cute to witness,” marvels cultural specialist Chelsea Craig. “As a staff member it is beautiful to watch the kids blossom. I have seen kids who normally are pretty shy [step up] and sing in front of the whole school. I love how it really showcases such a variety of talent and empowers our kids.”

Several of the young aspiring singers covered the catchy hit song “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana soundtrack, while a couple others utilized popular dance moves of ‘Watch Me’ (Whip/Nae Nae), while Lupita Alvarado stayed true to her cultural roots and shared a traditional Mexican folk dance with her peers. Then there were those who took creativity to the next level by coming up with their own choreography and dance moves.

The students, teachers, and parents were all blown away from the get go as a large ensemble led by Kamaya Craig opened the talent show with their own unique dance routine. Dancing to music by Beyonce, the eleven student girl-group displayed a variety of dance moves and choreographed precision. In creating the routine, Kamaya’s vision was to have a variety of girls from difference grade levels perform a song that really takes pride in who they are as young ladies. The group of 1st – 5th grade ladies met daily during lunch time to practice channeling their inner Beyonce.

Following the amazing performances, Kamaya’s mother Chelsea said, “It felt good to see the arts living in our school, we definitely need more of that!”

The annual elementary talent show set the stage to showcase so many talented kids and the student body came through, act after act. All the young entertainers braved being on center stage and performed admirably.

“Every year the talent show is a big success; 2017 was no exception. It is an event that is anticipated by parents, staff, and students alike,” explains Principal Cory Taylor. “For many years, 1st grade teacher Corina Hansen has put many hours into planning this event. Putting on an activity like this doesn’t just happen without a vision. As a school, we are fortunate to have her leadership in coordinating the talent show.

“All of the performers did such an amazing job. There was a wide variety of talent ranging from comedians to artists. Without question, these students will do amazing things with their lives. As a school, we applaud them for their great work.”