Storming the Sovereign Gates

Sauk-Suiattle Court Battle Reveals Alleged Racism, Corruption and the Power of Sovereign Immunity By Nina Shapiro, The Seattle Weekly, amrch 13, 2013 There’s no sign that marks the Sauk-Suiattle reservation. Indeed, driving on State Route 530 in the foothills of the northern Cascades, you could miss the tiny enclave in a blink of an eye. … Continue reading “Storming the Sovereign Gates”

Salmon bisque that’s doable on weeknights

By Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times With the depth of flavor in this soup, you’d never guess it came together in under an hour. Robin’s Restaurant in Cambria, Calif., was happy to share its recipe for rich and creamy salmon bisque, which we’ve adapted below. Robin’s salmon bisque ¼ cup salted butter 1 cup sliced … Continue reading “Salmon bisque that’s doable on weeknights”

Healthy twist makes steamed clams even better

By Sara Moulton, Associated Press I’d love to claim that this wonderful recipe required hours of arduous research and testing (not to mention the expert application of all of my hard-won culinary skills) before I was able to settle on the exact proportions of its ideal ingredients. But I’d be lying. In truth, I had almost … Continue reading “Healthy twist makes steamed clams even better”

With just 5 ingredients, pear crisp is a snap

By Sara Moulton, Associated Press Sometimes, even on a weeknight, you really crave a little dessert. But making dessert takes time, and you already are spending time cooking up the main event, namely dinner. That’s where this recipe comes to the rescue. It’s a quick, easy and delicious pear crisp that calls for just five … Continue reading “With just 5 ingredients, pear crisp is a snap”

Free Health & Beauty Fair March 9

Empowering women of color to make their health a priority   SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash.— In honor of National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day the Snohomish Health District is partnering with local and federal agencies to host a free Health & Beauty Fair for Women of Color on Saturday, March 9 at Edmonds Community College, … Continue reading “Free Health & Beauty Fair March 9”

Meteor Explodes in Fireball Over Ural Mountains, Injuring 500 and Blowing Out Windows in Russian City

Indian Country Today Media Network Staff A meteor streaked across the early-morning sky in Russia and exploded into a fireball on Friday over the industrial city of Chelyabinsk, in the Ural Mountains. The shockwave injured 500 people, most of whom were hit by shattered glass from blown-out windows, media reports said. Chelyabinsk is 950 miles … Continue reading “Meteor Explodes in Fireball Over Ural Mountains, Injuring 500 and Blowing Out Windows in Russian City”

Changes in ocean put shellfish business in jeopardy

By Bill Sheets, Herald writer, EVERETT — Between 2005 and 2009, billions of oyster larvae began dying at hatcheries around the state before anyone knew what was going on or could do anything about it.The state’s $270 million shellfish industry, which employs about 3,200 people, is in danger. One oyster farm, Goose Point Oysters … Continue reading “Changes in ocean put shellfish business in jeopardy”

Tulalip event encourages men to take better care of their health

Article and photos by Jeannie Briones TULALIP, Washington – Men are much less likely than women to look after their health and see physicians. They’re 25 percent less likely to have visited a health-care provider in the past year, and almost 40 percent more likely to have skipped recommended cholesterol screenings, according to the U.S. … Continue reading “Tulalip event encourages men to take better care of their health”

Men’s Health Fair

        By Monica Brown, Tulalip Tribes Communications Department “It’s ideal,” said Tribal employee David Henson, “All men over 40 should come and get checked out.” Tulalip Health Clinic is hosting the Men’s Health Fair from 9am-3pm, today, Friday December 14th at the Tulalip Health Clinic. This year’s fair includes flu shots, information … Continue reading “Men’s Health Fair”